Public Sector Agile Manifesto

  1. Individuals and Interactions over Processes and Tools - Door to Door Know your Neighbor. Every house on every block. If you can, help. If you need help, we can. A volunteer for every person in need.  
  2. Working Product over Documentation.  Blockchain Financial Records over Audits.
  3. Customer Collaboration over Contract Negotiations - Stakeholder Defined and Owned Contracts.
  4. Responding to Change over Following a Plan - Plan and Prepare for Constant Change.

Data Driven Decisions

Behavioral Economic Bias can and should be removed from or, mitigated for every Public financial decision.

The normal variance for bad economic decisions is multiplied, sometimes exponentially, by personal and political bias.

Finance for many public services can be administered with rule based algorithms via Secure Blockchain processes.

Everything Extendable

Service Oriented Architecture and the Cloud make 'choose to use" vs building IT Services a reality. It saves money and can provide revenue streams.     

Building anything to be accessible, autonomous and interoperable is not easy. It takes discipline and persistence.

SOA's roots are in the multiple capability designs that made WA the world's leader in technical innovation.

The 747 was designed to be a Freighter.

Now it is...48 years later.