Logistics, Manufacturing, Scheduling



  • Developed Web to MF  Database interface via IMS-Connect  
  • Provided real time, secure customer validation by hosting Java Beans as IMS transactions
  • Separation of concerns allowed immediate scalability across the enterprise

Daimler Trucks


  • Worked with a multinational team to design, develop and deploy an integrated scheduling system for side-by-side Truck production lines
  • Allowed for customer driven changes and scheduling adjustments near real time   

Toyota Motor Sales


  • Provided Technical Leadership to revamp TMS' Dealer Financial Reporting system 
  • Agile Co-Location, Ownership & Build allowed rapid deployment to meet SOX enforced dates
  • SE Toyota licensed the system helping offset development costs

Boeing Computer Systems


  • Developed and Deployed BCS' 1st DB2 Dynamic Query Airplane Configuration and Tracking system
  • Allowed Line Managers to adjust customer specs up to build date

Electronic Data Systems


  • Drove my '79 Grand Prix with my '85 UW Economics degree to Pontiac for EDS' Phase II
  • Learned COBOL, JCL, CICS & Assembler in 10 weeks
  • The only non CS or IT degree holder to graduate my class